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Bransby Horses

Bransby Horses

Bransby Horses websiteRegistered Charity Number: 1075601

Mission Statement

Objects of the Charity

1) To prevent and relieve cruelty to horses (which expression shall herein include ponies, donkeys and mules), to protect them from unnecessary suffering and for that purpose to promote knowledge of their proper care and treatment among the public.

2) To ameliorate the pain and suffering of horses which are for any reason unfit for work or in need of care by the provision, maintenance and management of a home of rest, stabling and grazing, or by the Society or by arranging for their painless destruction or by any combination of such means as aforesaid.

Letter of Support

Bransby Horses is looking forward to be involved with this worthwhile internet card company. We are funded by your kind generosity through various schemes and now including the sales from The Greetings Card Company. This will be another valuable contribution towards the 375 horses, ponies and donkeys in our care.

Thank you for your support.

Luke McDonald
Supporter Services Manager

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