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Anniversary card  - 'Perfect Match'
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryPerfect Match£2.15 Anniversary card - 'Another Year of Fun'
Greeting inside - CongratulationsAnother Year of Fun£2.15 Anniversary card - 'Anniversary Hearts'
Greeting inside - BlankAnniversary Hearts£3.95 Anniversary card - 'Anniversary Heart'
Greeting inside - With love on your special dayAnniversary Heart£2.15 Anniversary card - 'Together Forever'
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryTogether Forever£1.99
Hollywood Anniversary
Greeting inside - With Love Ballroom Anniversary £2.60 Anniversary card - 'Tower of Love'
Greeting inside - BlankTower of Love£2.45 Anniversary card - Anniversary Tree
Greeting inside - With LoveAnniversary Tree£2.60 Anniversary card - 'Anniversary Roses'
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryAnniversary Roses£1.99 Anniversary card - 'OMG! Happy Anniversary'
Greeting inside - BlankOMG! Happy Anniversary£2.99
Anniversary card - 'Love Letters'
Greeting inside - Happy anniversary Love Letters£1.80 Anniversary Card - contemporary design of champagne glasses with a floral heart - Happy Anniversary
Greeting inside - Congratulations to you both on this special dayAnniversary Celebration£2.45 Anniversary Card - 'So Good Together'
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversarySo Good Together£1.80 Blank card - 'Love Actually'
Greeting inside - BlankLove Actually!£2.75 Anniversary card - 'Perfect Fit'
Greeting inside - Celebrating another year togetherPerfect Fit£2.20
Engagement card - 'Finger Bliss'
Greeting inside - Happy anniversary!Finger Bliss£2.15 Anniversary card - red heart - love is forever
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryLove Is Forever£2.40 Anniversary card - photograph of two toy sheep kissing 
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryAnniversary Sheep£2.20 Anniversary card - 'Love You'
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryLove You£2.60 Happy Anniversary card - 'Anniversary bunting'
Greeting inside - With LoveAnniversary Bunting£1.80
Blank card - 'Soft Spot'
Greeting inside - BlankSoft Spot£2.20 Blank card - 'Happy Giraffes'
Greeting inside - BlankHappy Giraffes£2.20 Blank card - 'Strong Felines'
Greeting inside - BlankStrong Felines£1.99 Anniversary card - 'Anniversary Tree'
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryAnniversary Tree£2.60 Anniversary card - 'Made For Each Other'
Greeting inside - Happy Anniversary!Made For Each Other£1.99
Blank card - 'Pugs & Kisses'
Greeting inside - BlankPugs & Kisses£2.35 Anniversary card - 'Anniversary Basset Hounds'
Greeting inside - BlankAnniversary Basset Hounds£1.99 Anniversary Card - pair of champagne glasses with lots of butterflies with raised gold foil details - Happy Anniversary
Greeting inside - Celebrating another year togetherBubbly Love - Anniversary£2.50 Anniversary card - together always
Greeting inside - Happy AnniversaryTogether Always£1.80 Anniversary card - 'Anniversary Hearts'
Greeting inside - Always and forever my heart belongs to you Happy AnniversaryAnniversary Hearts£1.90