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Greeting card - Life is like a box of chocolates... Darth Vader was tempted by the dark side
Greeting inside - BlankDark Side£1.60 Birthday Card - birthday fireworks
Greeting inside - Have a great day!Fireworks£2.10 Blank card - 'Sneaker'
Greeting inside - BlankSneaker£2.40 Birthday card - 'LOL'
Greeting inside - BlankLOL£2.40 Blank card - 'Keep Your Hat On' 
Greeting inside - BlankKeep Your Hat On!£2.20
Birthday card - 'Make Some Noise'
Greeting inside - Have a great day!Make Some Noise£1.50 Birthday card - 'Wine Flu'
Greeting inside - Happy Birthday!Wine Flu£1.50 Birthday card - 'Boobs!'
Greeting inside - Hope you get everything you want this year. Happy BirthdayBoobs!£1.50 Birthday card - 'Officially Old'
Greeting inside - ... congratulations! you are officially old. Happy BirthdayOfficially Old£1.50 Birthday card - 'Pop Fizz Clink'
Greeting inside - BlankPop Fizz Clink£3.95
Birthday card - 'Cheers'
Greeting inside - Have a great day!Cheers£2.15 Birthday Card - 'I've Arrived!'
Greeting inside - Have fun!I've Arrived!£2.15 Greeting Card - cartoon from Punch magazine - "That's an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs. Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it"
Greeting inside - BlankExcellent Suggestion£1.99 Birthday card - 'Age is Just a Number'
Greeting inside - BlankAge is Just a Number£2.20 Birthday card - 'Getting Older'
Greeting inside - BlankGetting Older£2.20
Birthday card - 'Happy Birthday'
Greeting inside - BlankHappy Birthday£2.30 Birthday card - 'How Old?'
Greeting inside - Happy Birthday!How Old?£2.50 Blank card - 'Sunny Spells' 
Greeting inside - BlankSunny Spells£2.40 Blank card - 'Birthday Dinosaur'
Greeting inside - BlankBirthday Dinosaur£2.99 Birthday card - 'Birthday Boy
Greeting inside - BlankBirthday Boy£1.60
Birthday card - 'Age doesn't Matter'
Greeting inside - BlankAge Doesn't Matter£2.20 Birthday card - 'Birthday Dog'
Greeting inside - Watch it get me!Birthday Dog£1.99 Birthday card - 'Stay Away From Ice'
Greeting inside - ... stay away from iceIce£1.80 Blank card - '183km To Go'
Greeting inside - Blank183km To Go£2.10 Birthday card - 'Eye Test'
Greeting inside - Did you see a boat? (If so, you ARE getting older.) Happy BirthdayEye Test£1.80
Blank greeting card - painting by Susan Entwhistle - Silver Birch Woods
Greeting inside - BlankSilver Birch Woods£2.30 Funny birthday card - two cheese rounds, one pulling a funny face with label 'Immature Cheddar'
Greeting inside - Have edam good Birthday!Cheddar Cheese£1.50 Birthday card - 'It's Windy'
Greeting inside - This birthday, surround yourself with friends who really understand you! Happy BirthdayIt's Windy!£1.50 Greeting Card - cartoon of Daleks from Punch magazine - "Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe"
Greeting inside - BlankTake Over The World £1.99 Birthday Card - Quentin Blake illustration of man eating breakfast in bed - 'Relax on your Birthday'
Greeting inside - Have a great day!Quentin Blake - Relax Breakfast In Bed£2.15