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Money Wallet - 'Rudolf'
Greeting inside - BlankRudolf Money Wallet£1.99 Money Wallet - 'Snow Globe'
Greeting inside - BlankSnow Globe Money Wallet£1.99 Money Wallet - 'Christmas Magic'
Greeting inside - BlankChristmas Magic Money Wallet£1.99 Nephew money wallet
Greeting inside - Have a very Merry ChriastmasFabulous Nephew - Money Wallet£1.25 Niece money wallet
Greeting inside - Wishing you a lovely Christmas Fabulous Niece - Money Wallet £1.25
Money Wallet
Greeting inside - Happy ChristmasGruffalo Money Wallet£1.75 Christmas money wallet - 'Santa & Pets Money Wallet
Greeting inside - Wising you a merry Christmas and a very Happy New YearSanta & Pets - Money Wallet£1.99