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Father's day card - 'Kayaking'
Greeting inside - BlankKayaking Father's Day Card£2.20 Father's day card - 'Forest'
Greeting inside - BlankForest Father's Day Card£2.20 Fathers Day - 'Birdie'
Greeting inside - BlankBiridie£1.99 Father's Day Card - 'Independent Woman Card'
Greeting inside - BlankIndependent Woman Fathers Day Card£2.40 Father's Day - 'Time for a Pint'
Greeting inside - Happy Father's Day!Time for a Pint Father's Day Card£1.80
Father's Day Card - 'Excuse to Have a Drink'
Greeting inside - Happy Father's DayExcuse to Have a Drink Fathers Day Card£2.20 Father's Day card - 'Father's Day Beers'
Greeting inside - Wishing you a great dayBeers Fathers Day £2.50 Father's Day card - 'Best Beer'
Greeting inside - BlankBest Beer Father's Day Card£2.30 Father's Day card - 'Bottoms Up'
Greeting inside - Bottoms Up!
Happy Father's DayBottoms Up Fathers Day Card£1.99 Father's Day card - 'Text Message'
Greeting inside - Happy Father's DayText Message Fathers Day Card£1.99
Father's day card - 'Best Grandad'
Greeting inside - BlankBest Grandad Father's Day Card£2.20 Father's Day card - 'Super Strong Cider'
Greeting inside - BlankSuper Strong Cider Fathers Day Card£1.80 Birthday card - 'Super Dad'
Greeting inside - BlankSuper Dad Birthday Card£2.20