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Sympathy card - with sympathy - dandelion
Greeting inside - BlankWith Sympathy£2.60 Sympathy card - 'Sorry for Your Loss'
Greeting inside - BlankSorry for Your Loss£3.50 Sympathy card - 'Sympathy'
Greeting inside - BlankSympathy£2.40 Thinking of you card - 'Housemartins' 
Greeting inside - BlankHousemartins£2.40 Greeting card - white calla lily
Greeting inside - With Deepest SympathyWhite Calla Lily£2.40
Thinking of you card
Greeting inside - BlankThinking of You£2.15 Sympathy card - 'Sympathy Dandelion'
Greeting inside - BlankSympathy Dandelion£1.85 Sympathy card - 'Sympathy Bouquet'
Greeting inside - BlankSympathy Bouquet£2.20 Sympathy card - 'Waterfall'
Greeting inside - With SympathyWaterfall£1.80 Sympathy card - 'Sympathy Tree'
Greeting inside - BlankSympathy Tree£2.30
Sympathy card - 'No Words'
Greeting inside - With deepest sympathyNo Words£2.15 Sympathy card - 'Shining Light'
Greeting inside - Thinking of youShining Light£1.80 Sympathy card - 'Wistful Breeze'
Greeting inside - Thinking of youWistful Breeze£1.40 Sympathy Card - delicate floral design - 'With sympathy'
Greeting inside - Thinking of you at this sad timeReflecting£1.40 Sympathy Card - photograph of a lily on a black background
Greeting inside - With Deepest SympathySympathy Lily£1.50
Greeting card - sympathy candle
Greeting inside - BlankSympathy Candle£2.99 Sympathy Card - delicate floral design with silver foil details - 'With Deepest Sympathy'
Greeting inside - With sincere and heartfelt sympathy in your time of sorrowDeepest Sympathy Flowers£1.80 Sympathy Card - Loss leaves a heart-ache no one can heal, loves leaves a memory no one can steal
Greeting inside - with deepest sympathyLoss, Love & Memory£2.15 Sympathy Card - photograph of cotton head grass
Greeting inside - With SympathyBathed In Light£1.40 Greeting card - sympathy tree
Greeting inside - BlankSympathy Tree£2.99
Thank you - 'White Sympathy Flowers'
Greeting inside - With Deepest SympathyWhite Sympathy Flowers£1.50 Sympathy Card - photograph of bouquet of beautiful white lilies - 'WITH SYMPATHY'
Greeting inside - Thinking of youLily White£2.15 Sympathy Card - photograph of white tulips
Greeting inside - With Deepest SympathyWhite Tulips - Deepest Sympathy£2.20 Sympathy Card - painted tulips
Greeting inside - With Deepest SympathyPainted Tulips£2.20 Sympathy Card - white tulips
Greeting inside - With SympathyWhite Tulips£2.20
Thinking of you card - 'White Blossom'
Greeting inside - Thinking Of YouWhite Blossom£1.80 Blank card - 'Just To Say'
Greeting inside - BlankJust To Say£1.99 Greeting card - Harmony
Greeting inside - BlankHarmony£1.80 Greeting card - morning has broken
Greeting inside - BlankMorning Has Broken£0.95 Sympathy card - 'With Sympathy'
Greeting inside - BlankWith Sympathy£1.99