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Best Birthday Card Message

A Guide On How To Write The Best Birthday Card Message

 The sending of birthday cards is a traditional which stretches back countless years; however, everyone has their own opinion on what to include. As a leading supplier of cards within the UK, the team here at Greetings Card Co recognise that there is not one message which is appropriate for all scenarios. For example, someone celebrating their 21st birthday will not likely appreciate a message designed for someone turning 80. Should you wish to learn about the various ways in which you can write a fantastic birthday card message, we are pleased to inform you that our advice can be found below.

Stick With Simple

Sometimes, the best way in which to wish someone a ‘happy birthday’ is to do just that; contrary to popular belief, the message within a card does not have to be the epitome of wit and humour. This is especially true if you are writing a card to someone that you are not too familiar with - rather than lead with a risky message, it may be wise to play it safe. There are countless sentiments that can be put into a card which simply wish them a pleasant day, or bestow best wishes upon them.

Funny & Punny

Whilst taking into account what has been said above, there are certainly times when a personalised birthday card needs an injection of humour. Funny cards can be done in a number of different ways - you simply need to try and tailor it to the recipient. If, for example, you are looking to amuse those of the older generation, it could be that the mentioning of grey hairs could elicit a laugh. On the other hand, if you are trying to amuse a member of the younger generation, the use of puns are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Heartfelt & Sincere

When you are trying to write a card for someone close to you, it is possible that countless memories come flooding back to you. Over the years, you have likely shared many intimate moments, and within your card you have the chance to reminisce with your message. Regardless of whether it is somebody’s 50th birthday, and you want to look back on what forged your relationship many years back, or it is your partner’s birthday and you wish to write about a moment which encapsulates your time together, you can be sure that there are plenty of options available to you.

Roll Back The Years

If you are someone that has either recently had a child of your own, or has younger relatives in your life, you will discover a completely different style of card-writing. You have to ensure that the language that you use within this personalised card is easy to understand; this, in essence, means that your choice of words consists predominantly of those of the shorter variety. It is also advisable to keep the message, as a whole, relatively short.

Who Are We?

Have you been searching for a firm that supplies both cards and gifts at a competitive rate? Do you wish to create a personalised card, but are unsure of where to do so? If either of the prior scenarios can be used to describe the situation you find yourself in, you will be pleased to hear that the Greetings Card Co is here to help. Our mission revolves around satisfying our customer’s requirements. To learn more about how we do this, please use the details listed on our website’s contact page to speak to a member of our team.