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Carers UK

Carers UK

Carers UK websiteRegistered Charity Number: 246329

Mission Statement

Carers UK is here to improve carers’ lives.

• We fight for equality for carers. We want carers to have the same right as everyone else to an ordinary life – a fair level of income, access to support to protect their health and well being and access to the world of work, leisure and education

• We seek to empower carers. We want carers to be actively involved in the design, development and delivery of services. We want carers to be recognised and involved as key partners in the provision of health and social care services.
[our values and beliefs]

Carers UK achieves this by

• campaigning for the changes that make a real difference for carers

• providing information and advice to carers about their rights and how to get support

• mobilising carers and supporters to influence decision-makers

• gathering hard evidence about what needs to change

• transforming the understanding of caring so that carers are valued and not discriminated against
[our mission.]

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