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Chicken Shed Theatre Trust (Chickenshed)

Chicken Shed Theatre Trust (Chickenshed)

Chicken Shed Theatre Trust (Chickenshed) websiteRegistered Charity Number: 1012369

Mission Statement

Chickenshed is a theatre company. We work using an inclusive creative process which means everyone is welcome, and everyone is valued. Not many places are for everyone and anyone - so a lot of people who find themselves unwelcome elsewhere in the world, come to us. Chickenshed runs Children's and Youth Theatre workshops for 600 people, education courses for over 100 students, community outreach projects and a network of satellite 'Sheds' across the country (and two in Russia) so even more can benefit. Every extraordinary piece of theatre created at Chickenshed shouts out the same thing: anyone can thrive in an environment where everyone is welcome.

Using our unique creative process, our theatre company has created and produced more than 1,000 performances of extraordinary theatre since Chickenshed started in 1974.

Full scale productions with casts of 250+ and a 20-strong band. Intimate studio pieces, spotlighting solo performers. Original works devised by the company through workshops. Adaptations of classic plays and stories. Pioneering dance with unique movement. Melodies and lyrics composed by Chickenshed, underpinning it all.

We’ve been invited to perform in some places you’d expect: The Royal Albert Hall, Sadler’s Wells, The Royal Lyceum, The Shaw Theatre, The Place, BBC, LWT, Sky Artsworld.

And maybe some you wouldn’t: Hyde Park (VE Day 50th Anniversary), Wembley (with Meatloaf), The Hard Rock Café, Wembley (with the Spice Girls), Horse Guards Parade (The Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday), Ethiopia (with the Adugna Community Dance Theatre Company), The Mall (The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Pageant), 10 Downing Street (Poland’s accession to the EU), Bangladesh (with Tarunya), Althorp, Gleneagles (2005 G8 Summit).

Letter of Support

Before we registered on, we created our own Christmas cards each year to try and raise much-needed funds. This ended up being very expensive as we couldn't compete with bigger charities. allows us to still offer people the chance to support us by buying cards but keeps our overheads down.

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