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Earthwatch websiteRegistered Charity Number: 1094467

Mission Statement

Earthwatch is an international environmental charity dedicated to engaging people in scientific field research and education to inspire the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

Letter of Support

Earthwatch is pleased to be working with the Greetings Card Company and, and thank them for this opportunity to spread the Earthwatch message to so many people.

Almost every day, we learn of a new environmental problem another species on the brink of extinction, a landscape stripped of its natural resources, or a looming environmental disaster of unspeakable horror.

Pressures on the environment grow more intense with every passing year. Yet solutions cannot occur overnight and should not be uninformed.

While some environmental problems are well understood, most are not. Only by understanding the science behind an environmental problem can we know how to solve it.

Research alone will not solve environmental problems. We need a global community of informed, impassioned people to take action to protect the environment.

There are many environmental research organisations and many environmental engagement and education organisations, but Earthwatch is different, because we are a hybrid of both. We engage and educate people as volunteers in environmental field research.

Ours is a very powerful model, and few other organisations do it like or on the same scale as Earthwatch.

Your support makes our vital work possible.

On behalf of all of us here at Earthwatch, thank you.

Laura Howells
Mayfield House
256 Banbury Road

Tel: 01865 318838

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