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Medical Engineering Resource Unit (MERU)

Medical Engineering Resource Unit (MERU)

Medical Engineering Resource Unit (MERU) websiteRegistered Charity Number: 269804

Mission Statement

MERU aims to be a centre of expertise on sources of assistive technology for children, both designing and manufacturing the highest quality of innovative aids and providing advice on other sources of equipment and places they can turn to for funding for MERU equipment.

We also want to conduct research into early years mobility and the development of children with disabilities. This work will be shared and disseminated via publications, conferences, on the MERU website and through users of MERU’s services who should also be encouraged to take an active part in the management of the charity.

All equipment will continue to be manufactured to the highest possible standards and will be compliant with the latest legislation in this field.

Custom made products for severely disabled children will always be the core activity at MERU, providing innovative solutions when no suitable commercial equipment is available. Our bespoke design & manufacturing service will continue to be free of charge to individual children and families, though any donations or contribution towards the cost will be gratefully accepted in order to help further children. Other organisations, charities and the public sector will be charged a reasonable contribution towards the cost of services – however no child will be denied help on the grounds of cost.

To fully achieve these aims MERU will need to increase its funding and become financially stable by utilising a mix of funding opportunities including contracts with the NHS and local authorities, grant funding and donations from the public. MERU will also begin replicating some of its bespoke designs to provide a range of high quality, low cost enabling products which are available immediately off the shelf.

However, before MERU can develop any further we first need to find new premises including offices, workshops, storage and space to assess children on site. Ideally a new building should also have spare capacity in order to leave room for expansion, but initially any spare space could be rented to similar organisations.

Once funding and accommodation are secure MERU hopes to gradually expand the staff team to include more engineers, volunteers and students supported by a small admin team and a full time occupational therapist, and to explore methods of training the next generation of engineers.

Letter of Support

MERU is very excited to be part of The Greetings Card Company's family of charities. This is a new and innovative way for MERU to raise funds to help as many children as we can and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Greetings Card Company.

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