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RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

Mission Statement

The RSA is an enlightenment organisation which is concerned about the gap between people’s aspiration for their communities and society at large, and the way in which we act. We believe that closing this gap is going to require citizens to be more engaged; to do more in delivering services and tackling some of our most pressing problems. The RSA’s focus on 21st century enlightenment is a return to its core principles of autonomy, universalism and humanism, restoring dimensions which have been lost and seeing new ways to fulfill these ideals.

Letter of Support

The RSA is delighted to be participating in this website which provides a wide selection and range of cards to our supporters as well as the general public. This innovative format will help us to raise much needed funds to continue our work in developing a world equipped for the 21st century.

Esther McCarthy
Head of Business Development

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