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Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land (SHADH)

Mission Statement

To promote the importance of basic welfare of donkeys, and wherever possible to teach compassion to achieve long-term changes for the better.

To obtain a smallholding of land for shelter and protection, providing a rescue centre where we can care for donkeys that are abandoned and for those that require special attention.

To ensure that any animal found abandoned on highways will be safely transported to the rescue centre, where they will be guaranteed to live free from the burdens of toil, stress and suffering, until they can be re-homed.

To castrate all male donkeys in our care wherever possible and to promote the importance of this practice.

To be able to give a humane end to severe and distressing cases where the animal is considered by a qualified veterinarian, to be suffering unnecessarily and to have no quality of life.

To keep an up to date record of every animal in our care.

To work together with other animal welfare organisations and supporters in order to combine the mutual efforts and hasten an end to suffering and cruelty to animals, and ensure that all parties are fully informed of our progress.

Letter of Support

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land relies entirely on fundraising to be able to continue to reach out to donkeys and mules in Israel and Palestine. We are therefore very pleased to be involved with the Greetings Card Company as we are sure its range of cards and gifts will generate much-needed funds towards our work.

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