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Leaving card - sorry you're leaving in brightly coloured letters
Greeting inside - goodbye goodluck (repeated across the card)Sorry You're Leaving Extra Large Card£3.50 Elephant, Leaving to Have a Baby Card
Greeting inside - BlankElephant, Leaving to Have a Baby Card£2.99 Leaving card - 'Leaving Rainbow'
Greeting inside - You are leaving to follow a different rainbow and things will just not be the same without youRainbow Leaving Card£2.20 Leaving card - 'Having a Baby!'
Greeting inside - BlankHaving a Baby! Leaving Card£1.99 Leaving card - 'Leaving to Have a Baby'
Greeting inside - BlankLeaving To Have a Baby Card£1.00
Leaving card - 'Moving On
Greeting inside - Goodbye and Good luckMoving On Leaving Card£2.20 Leaving card - Extra Large
Greeting inside - Sorry you're leavingColourful Strobes Extra Large Leaving Card£4.25 Be Goodm, Leaving Goodbye Card
Greeting inside - blankBe Good, Leaving Goodbye Card£2.20 Birthday card - 'Sorry You're Leaving'
Greeting inside - BlankBalloons Leaving Card £2.75 Leaving card - 'Go Bananas'
Greeting inside - Goodbye and Good luckGo Bananas Leaving Card£2.50
Leaving card - extra large sorry you're leaving card - coloured letters
Greeting inside - Sorry You're LeavingColourful Extra Large Leaving Card£4.25 Leaving - 'Bear the thought'
Greeting inside - Sorry to see you go!Bear the thought Leaving Card£2.35 Onwards and Upwards, Extra Large Leaving Card
Greeting inside - BlankOnwards and Upwards, Extra Large Leaving Card£3.95 You're Leaving, Extra Large Card
Greeting inside - goodbye and good luckYou're Leaving, Extra Large Card£2.99 Sparkles, Leaving Card
Greeting inside - BlankSparkles, Leaving Card£2.99