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What to Write in a Lockdown Birthday Card

As we enter year 36 (or so it feels) of lockdown measures in the UK, it stands to reason that most people have experienced a lockdown birthday or are going to this year. Hopefully, things take a turn for the better, but for the foreseeable future at least, it looks like lockdown measures will continue to be in place for the majority of 2021. 

However, if you know someone unfortunate enough to have a lockdown birthday, maybe it’s a second quarantine birthday, then it’s not all doom and gloom. Well, it’s not great, but we’ve decided to ease the pain and awkwardness that surrounds such a lack of festivities with a how-to-guide on what to write in a card for a lockdown birthday.

We’ll explore the different things to take into consideration when writing the lockdown birthday card, and even give you some examples of things to include. 

Let’s start with the relationship you have with the person you’re sending the card to.

Your Relationship 

The first thing to consider when writing lockdown birthday cards, or any birthday cards for that matter, is your relationship with the recipient of said card.

If you’re close, maybe a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or wife, this means you know them well enough to judge the tone you should use in lockdown birthday cards. Whether to go with humour or seriousness depends on their personality and what they’re likely to be happy to receive, which we will get to later, but your relationship is vital when deciding on aspects such as these.

If you’re longtime friends and have an easy-going relationship, go with something funny and humorous when it comes to the card. Make a joke about it because if we don’t laugh, we will probably cry at the state of things.

If it’s a loved one you’re writing the card for, then the same goes - humour is the best medicine and will surely go down a treat if it suits the relationship and personality. 

However, if you’re more of an acquaintance or relative you don’t speak to very often, go with something a little more serious. Don’t go all out with the jokes if this is the case, especially if you aren’t sure how they’ll take it, go with something hopeful regarding lockdown ending for their next birthday.

Who’s Receiving the Card?

A key consideration to make when writing a lockdown birthday card is who you’re writing it to. We’ve covered this a little bit in the relationship section, but different messages work for some people more than others, especially when it comes to COVID-19.

For example, if you’re writing the message to somebody who’s suffered from Coronavirus or has had a family member or loved one suffer from the pandemic, then definitely do not go down the joke route. It goes without saying, but a lot of families have had a very bad time during this pandemic, so if the person you’re sending the card to has had a rough go of things, be gentle, kind, and show sympathy.

Same goes for nurses, doctors, care home workers, even binmen, shop workers and postal employees, who’ve all had to continue their jobs throughout the pandemic. They won’t see lockdown as a joke, well, some might, but it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to dropping in the laughs. 

Again, if you know the person and know they’ll take it in good humour, maybe pepper in a light joke but make sure you close the message with something more heartfelt and serious, so they know you care.

Length of Message

This again depends on the person, and if it’s somebody who’s suffered due to the pandemic, then a longer message would be warranted.

If you’re sending to an elderly relative such as a grandmother for example, who might not have found being locked down as easy as some younger people, take the time and write something with a bit of heart to it. Provide them with updates on your own life and that of your family to make sure they don’t feel left out and that they feel valued. Families matter more than ever at the moment, and it’s always nice to hear from someone you haven’t heard from in a while.

Words mean a lot, so take your time with the message if you know the person you’re sending the birthday card to has had a difficult period over the past year or so.

It all boils down to the individual receiving the card, your relationship with them and their personality that determines the length of the message. So, if it’s somebody you know as an acquaintance and know they’re doing fine through lockdown, something short, sweet and probably funny should do the trick. 

Examples of Lockdown Birthday Card Messages

Now we’ve covered who you’re giving the card to, your relationship with the recipient, the length of the message, what to avoid and what to include, but it’s all a bit vague.

To help make things easier, let’s jump in with some actual useable examples of messages when writing a lockdown birthday message.

“Another birthday another lockdown, you lucky so and so!”
This one is for someone you know can take a joke, and who has been unlucky enough to have experienced two lockdown birthdays since March 2020.

“Don’t worry, we will celebrate once we’re allowed back in the pub.”
Again, this one is for a friend who will see the funny side of such a message, and perhaps one that likes a drink.

“I know it’s been a terrible year, I hope you enjoy your birthday, nonetheless. Sending all my love.”
This one is for somebody who’s been through a bad time with the pandemic and could do with a bit of love. You can use this as a starting point to build from if you want to give details of your own life to help take their mind off things.

“We all love and miss you, can’t wait to see you again and celebrate properly.”
This is perfect for a message from the family, particularly to an elderly relative who has been locked down and is lonely.

Find the Perfect Birthday Card

So, we’ve covered what to write in the card, you better get to buying one! 

Luckily, you’ve come to the right online shop. Browse our birthday cards on our online shop find the perfect card for somebody close to you.