Forget Sending Cards

Cards that People Often Forget to Send

With the world full of texts, instant-and-direct messages, and e-mails, it looks as if the digital era is in full-flow. Whilst this can certainly provide us with some much-loved convenience, it can have a negative way in how we interact with people in the real world. For years, cards were sent to celebrate almost all special occasions; however, this has slowly become a dying trend. Here at the Greeting Card Co, we believe that there are still times where sending a card is a must. If you would like to learn a little more, feel free to continue reading below.

Anniversary Cards

For many people, this is a debate which has gone on for many years - do you keep your anniversary between yourself and your partner, or share it with others? Whilst it is by no means necessary to send a card to someone that you are not particularly close to, sending it to one of your best friends is certainly considered to be a nice gesture. Should you have attended someone's wedding, it would be courteous to, at the very least, send a card on their anniversary. You could even order a personalised card, with a picture from the celebration itself.

Get Well Soon Cards

If someone has undergone major surgery, or has been significantly under the weather for a prolonged period of time, it is likely that their mood is not particularly great. Although we are not saying that a ‘get well soon’ card would completely change their perspective on what has been happening, it can definitely bring about a positive mood swing. By showing them that there are people thinking of them, they will be able to enjoy support which perhaps was previously missing.

Sorry You’re Leaving Cards

When someone that has been working at a company for many years decides that the time has come to seek out new pastures, it can be an extremely emotional time, especially if they are part of a closely-knit team. Whilst there is nothing stopping you from staying in touch, it is safe-to-say that things won’t quite be the same. Should you send them a ‘sorry you’re leaving’ card, you have the opportunity to demonstrate to them how much of a profound impact they’ve had on you, and the business as a whole.

New Home Cards

Moving to a ‘new home’ is an important step in anyone’s life; it marks the start of a new chapter, and should therefore be celebrated as one. In days gone by, people would take around gifts to the new homeowner, as a way in which to offer support. However, this has evolved - in the modern era, it is more appropriate to send well-wishes in the form of a card. A simple card sent to a new neighbour can also be a good idea, as you never know what sort of relationship can blossom from this relatively simple gesture.

How Can we be of Assistance?

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