Occasions That Always Warrant The Sending Of A Card

Occasions That Always Warrant The Sending Of A Card

Card sending is something which some people have begun to disregard in recent years - this is primarily down to the fact that technology has taken over from more traditional ways of life. However, even with this revolution, there are some events which occur that always warrant the sending of a card. Here at Greetings Card Co, we have amassed extensive experience in the art of not only designing, but also supplying, cards all over the country. If you would like to educate yourself on the occasions which you need to remember cards for, feel free to continue reading.

Baby Birth

If ever there was a time for celebration, it would be for the birth of a newborn baby. For more than nine months, there will have been speculation as to the gender, and an overall atmosphere of ever-building atmosphere. When the big day finally arrives, it is not just the parents that have cause for joy - loved ones are also understandably over the moon regarding the new addition to the family. Therefore, having a card to open when they return from the hospital, whilst relatively simple, is a gesture which won’t fail to bring a tear to the eye.


Unfortunately, death is a natural part of life - however much we prefer to try and forget about it, it comes for everyone in the end. Those who lose someone close to them often say that there is a big hole left behind, and this is something which is not easily filled. However, by sending a bereavement card, you are able to send your condolences, as well as provide support for those who are going through a difficult period. It is also very nice to illustrate that you are thinking of them during this tough time.


When the first of December comes around, it essentially marks the countdown until Christmas. The festivities officially begin here, and everyone’s mood generally takes a positive upturn. Whilst many people focus on the tradition of gift-giving on Christmas Day, the art of sending cards is not one which has been lost in the digital age. Cards are a fantastic way in which to stay connected to friends and families - irregardless of the last time that you saw them, this ensures that your love for those close to you is not lost.

Valentine’s Day

Celebrated across the globe as the holiday of love, cards are often considered to be synonymous with Valentine’s Day. This is a day which is regarded as the optimal time to inform someone that you have intense feelings for them. Whether you are a child that has a schoolyard crush on a classmate, or are a fully-fledged adult that wants to wear your heart upon your sleeve, there are options for everyone. Some opt to stay serious and stick to the facts, whereas others like to inject humour into opening up - there is no right way to do it, it is simply personal preference.

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