Personalised Sympathy Card

How To Write A Personalised Sympathy Card

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult, and sometimes it can be tough to know what to say that will make the situation any better. Things are made considerably harder if you have never been in their shoes - empathy can be tricky when you cannot possibly imagine the rush of emotions that has overcome someone that is bereaved. A personalised sympathy card is a lovely touch to show them that you have them in your thoughts, but you may be struggling to write in it. If this is the case, the team here at Greetings Card Co are pleased to be able to guide you in which direction to go.

Appreciate their life

If you were quite close to the individual that passed away, it is likely that you have some profound memories of them during your time together. Your card’s recipient will likely be comforted by the knowledge that their loved one had such a close connection to other people. There is nothing wrong with getting personal in your message - baring your soul is encouraged, as it shows sincerity on your part. It also illustrates to the bereaved just how much of an impact those who they have lost had in other’s lives.

Pass on your condolences

There are times when you may wish to send a personalised sympathy card, without having many first-hand experiences with the person that has passed away. Perhaps your best friend has lost a parent, or a work colleague has had their partner ripped away from them. In instances such as these, we would recommend keeping your message short. A simple sentence passing on your condolences will, at the very least, show your support and consideration, and provide a slight bit of solace to the recipient.

Offer your help

Sometimes, the best way in which to help someone cope with such enormous loss, is to try and take their mind off of things. If you live close by, you can perhaps offer to mow the lawn, or keep their fridge well stocked. When someone departs our lives, the person left behind has to shoulder a plethora of responsibilities, all of which can be a struggle to juggle at the same time. Your offer, no matter how big or small, can make an enormous difference in helping them to stay afloat.

Would you like to buy a personalised sympathy card?

When it comes to finding a company that can not only supply you with a touching and sentimental personalised sympathy card, but also guide you in how to write it, look no further than the services offered by the team here at Greetings Card Co. We understand how tough it can be for those who have lost someone close to them - saying they are having a ‘difficult time’ would be an understatement. Personalised sympathy cards are a way in which you can pass on your condolences, as well as give a message of support for those who are struggling. In trying times such as these, even the smallest comfort can mean the world to those who are grieving. Therefore, take a look around our website and you are guaranteed to find something that you like.

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