Relatives That People Forget To Send Birthday Cards To

Relatives That People Forget To Send Birthday Cards To

As many people often preach, family is the most important thing in this life; they are a collection of people that are with you from the beginning. You can be sure that whenever you are going through a trying time, they will be there to support you - similarly, in times of celebration, they will be cheering your name the loudest. Unfortunately, there are some relatives that, when it comes to birthday card season, get forgotten about. Here at Greetings Card Co, we are pleased to be able to provide you with a breakdown of some of the relatives that get forgotten from the list of card recipients.


It is often the case that children spend countless hours playing with their cousins when growing up; unfortunately, as time goes on, they begin to drift apart. This is particularly true of those relations that live on the opposite ends of the country. However, sending a birthday card to your cousin could be a fantastic way in which to reconnect with them, and potentially bring about a newborn friendship that could change your life. In circumstances such as these, it is typically wise to opt for a funny card, particularly if you have not spoken to them for a prolonged period of time.

Nieces & Nephews

For many individuals, nieces and nephews are some of the most cherished additions to the family - should you not have any children of your own, you can enjoy the spectacle that is a baby from a slight distance. Whilst you may go out of your way to send cards during their formative years, it is important that you continue this trend as they get older, as this is a fantastic way in which to strengthen the bond and relationship between the two of you.


Whilst this may not necessarily be an occasion that is forgotten, as the years pass some grandparents opt to cease sending cards - often, this is simply down to the fact that they do not see their grandchildren on a regular basis. What these individuals fail to realise is that it is not just landmark birthdays that should be remembered; if you want to be seen as a loving relation, it is vital to mark each-and-every year in a special manner.


Although they may not always be relatives by blood, for many people godparents are still considered to be an important part of the family, not least due to the fact that these are who are entrusted with the raising of children should something unfortunate happen to the parents. If you have young children, you should encourage them to send birthday cards to their godparents, as it helps to foster and nurture the relationship for many years to come. It would be unwise to underestimate the benefits associated with being close to a godparent.

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