Sending Gift Cards

The History Behind Sending Greetings Cards

In the modern day and age, people take greetings cards for granted - they are simply seen as a staple part of life. Received at Christmas, given on birthdays, the cycle going on forever. However, this has not always been the case. Looking back, there were times when the only way in which to greet someone, was to go round to their house. Here at the Greetings Card Co, we are pleased to provide you with a brief education into the way that card sending has become an established tradition.

Going Back to Ancient Times

If you were wondering what first civilizations came up with the idea of sending a card to someone, you would have to look all the way back to the vast empires of Egypt and China. Although the Egyptians predominantly opted to send letters rather than cards, using papyrus to illustrate their hieroglyphs, the Chinese are different. When the Chinese New Year came around, it was common for messages passing on luck and best wishes were exchanged.

The Emergence of Valentines

For those who were wondering, whilst Saint Valentine has roots that stretch back to Roman times, it was not always associated with romance and love. In fact, it was not until 1415 that the first Valentine’s Day card can be traced to have been sent, the origins of this are not too good. A member of the French aristocracy, by the name of Charles d’Orleans, was imprisoned by the English following a battle in the Hundred Years War. Translated, it said “I am already sick of love, My very gentle Valentine…”.

The Postage Stamp Revolution

Over the years, the trend of sending messages and cards conveying greetings grew - however, it was limited to those within a close proximity of the sender. This all changed in 1840, with the introduction of the postage stamp. Suddenly, it was possible to send cards for all occasions, to people scattered all over. No longer was a card sent, limited to a geographical location.

The Louis Prang Effect

The boom that occurred in the Christmas card industry owes much to the work of Louis Prang. Originally from Poland, but having moved to America in 1850, he is credited with having brought over the lithography skills that were running rampant in Germany. This subsequently revolutionised the way in which mass-printing took place.

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