What Type of Printed Christmas Card Should you Send this Year?

What Type of Printed Christmas Card Should you Send this Year?

Choosing the perfect Christmas card design is a dilemma which perplexes everyone year-in, year out. Unfortunately, there is no right answer as to what to send, due to the fact that personal preferences differ from person-to-person. Thankfully, there are a wide-range of options from which you can choose from. With years of experience in this field, the specialists here at the Greetings Card Co are well-placed to advise you on some of the most popular designs that you can choose from this year.

Christmas Tree Design

Were you to conduct a poll regarding what object epitomises Christmas, the chances are that most results would come back in favour of a Christmas tree. In homes up-and-down the country, families will have spent countless hours ensuring that their tree is decorated with an assortment of baubles and ornaments. As such, it would make for a lovely addition to the mantelpiece were you to send a card which has a sparkling and aesthetically pleasing tree on the front - you can be sure that it will draw a smile out of the recipient.

Father Christmas Design

Should you be trying to think of a design which is entirely synonymous with the festivities that take place at this time of year, it is hard to look past Father Christmas as the perfect way in which to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to your family or friends. Whilst there may be some people that believe this to be slightly cliche, provided you choose a high-quality image, you have the opportunity to create the perfect atmosphere on the big day. Regardless of who you are sending to, you should not rule out the man in the big red coat for your card.

Cartoon Design

For some individuals, cards are a fantastic way in which to tap into their humorous side, hence why cartoon card designs have always maintained their popularity across the years. During the festive season which is a time for happiness and merriness, it makes sense to take the chance to inject some comedy into the lives of your recipients. You could, for example, send a blend of brussel sprouts telling horrific-yet-surprisingly-funny jokes, or some reindeer complaining about how heavy the sleigh is this year. Whichever route you choose to go down, the results will be sure to evoke some laughter.

Picturesque Design

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with keeping your Christmas card nice and simple - after all, it is the message inside which is most important. Therefore, what better way to convey your season’s greetings than to send a personalised Christmas card that is decorated with a real-life picture of a pleasant setting. It could be the lights that illuminate London every year, or perhaps a group of skiers carving down a mountainside in the Alps. What cannot be disputed is the warm glow that will be enjoyed by all that behold the image.

Greetings Card Co - Here to Help

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