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What To Write in a New Baby Card

There’s nothing quite so life changing as the arrival of a baby. Whether that’s for new or existing parents, having an extra mouth to feed creates a new level of excitement, organisation and not to mention sleepless nights. 

As exhausting as parenthood is, a new bundle of joy is an incredibly exciting chapter for mum and dad. Help celebrate this new milestone with a new baby card, but not sure what to write inside? 

Let us help you…


What To Write In a New Baby Girl Card

  • She’s finally here! Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl, she’s precious!
  • Can’t wait to finally meet baby [NAME] and give her a cuddle – congratulations!
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl, we bet you’re thrilled.
  • She’s gorgeous… just like you! Congratulations on the arrival of your little one.
  • What a beautiful baby girl! We’re so excited for you, looking forward to seeing her conquer the world.


What To Write In a Baby Boy Card

  • He’s here safe and sound – and gorgeous too! Congratulations on the arrival of your little one.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy – can’t wait to meet him!
  • Absolutely thrilled for you and the arrival of your new baby boy – what an exciting chapter you have ahead of you!
  • We’re really thrilled to hear about the arrival of the handsomest member of the family! Can’t wait to meet him!
  • Can’t wait to meet [NAME] and give him a big cuddle! 


Congratulations Baby Messages

  • Congratulations! Welcome to the world little one!
  • Congratulations – we’re so so happy for you! We know how much you’ve wanted this and can’t wait to see your journey into parenthood. 
  • Congratulations! Absolutely thrilled for you and your new arrival, can’t wait to meet the newest arrival and spoil them rotten!
  • Congratulations on the newest member of the family!
  • Can you believe you believe a baby is here! We’ve all waited a long time for this moment and can’t wait to meet him/her
  • Oh my god! Congratulations!! I know how excited and tired you must feel right now. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!


Funny New Baby Messages

  • Welcome to the world of dirty nappies and sleepless nights – it’s a real rollercoaster!
  • Congratulations! You’ll officially never have a decent night’s sleep again!
  • Congratulations, motherhood is an incredible new chapter for you, be prepared for plenty of laughter but also keep the wine chilled…
  • What an exciting chapter for you both – parenthood is the most rewarding role you can have… when the kids are behaving!
  • Well done on making a tiny human!


Baby niece/nephew messages

  • I’m an Auntie! Does this mean I’m the official babysitter or am I off the hook? Jokes!
  • Uncle [NAME] has a good ring to it don’t you think? 
  • Congratulations – I’m so excited to be an Auntie/Uncle for the first time. Remember I’m always here to help you battle through the storm ahead.
  • Congratulations Sis – so proud of you, can’t wait to take on my official auntie duties!
  • Congrats Bro! Here’s to a wild ride ahead, here to help wherever I can!
  • Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting baby [name] and promptly leaving when they start crying haha!


New Parents Messages

  • Well done on making a tiny human! Here’s to an exciting, tiring but rewarding adventure ahead!
  • Congratulations guys – you’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride but it will be worth it in the end – I promise!
  • Congratulations and welcome to parenthood – you’re in for a treat! We’re here to help/advise/shoulder to cry on when you need it!
  • Congratulations on becoming first time parents! Enjoy the ride!

Parenthood is an exciting adventure for friends and family alike, hopefully we’ve helped inspire you when it comes to sending your new baby card! Why not explore our range of gifts to accompany your card?

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